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It's been a record year for Anjar & Becker Associates and a continuation of our transformation into a full-service licensing agency in 2024. Several big brands we licensed in the past two years were developed and launched in entirely new business categories. After 50+ years as leading licensors in the Toy Business, we're now licensing agents in three additional markets: Apparel, Pet Toys, and Publishing. We've also created a new Media Division and we have a new focus on Sustainability, Social Impact, Philanthropy, and Improved Mental Health for Children.

In June, 2024, we secured an Agreement with Hasbro for a new game launching next year, on behalf of two inventors we represent.

Wham-O Brand

•   As the exclusive global licensing agent for all Wham-O legacy brands, including Frisbee, Hula Hoop, Slip 'n Slide, Hacky Sack, Super Ball, Boogie Board, Trac-Ball and Wham-O, across all categories, we're building a global licensing program, signing several major deals in categories ranging from pet toys to retro toys to apparel. 2023 will bring multiple Anniversary celebrations, including packaged Commemorative, limited-edition, numbered Frisbees, with an MSRP of $27.99!

2023 - 75th Anniversary of Wham-O (formed 1948).

•  Wham-O has released limited-edition, numbered, collectible Commemorative 75th Anniversary Frisbee Discs to mark this special occasion, with a $29.99 SRP.

•  Frisbee 65th Anniversary (Frisbee was trademarked in 1958).

•  Hula Hoop 65th Anniversary (1958 intro and trademark)

•  Hacky Sack 40th Anniversary (1983 intro

Wham-O Pets
Wham-O Pet Toys

•  Jazwares, the fourth largest and fastest growing toy company, licensed Wham-O Pet Toys and established an entirely new Pet Division around these iconic ACTIVE PLAY brands, creating over 70 original products and packaging, all approved by the licensor. Jazwares initially launched with 30 durable, BPA-free items in March 2023.  In addition to the Jazwares salesforce, Phillips, Jazwares US distributor is selling the line to smaller accounts.

Wham-O Pet Toys were showcased at five trade shows in 2023, including Jazwares booths at the London Toy Fair and Nuremberg Toy Fair, the MidStates Toy Extravaganza and Rendezvous all in January, 2023, and at Global Pet Expo in March, 2023.

Jazwares Wham-O Pets SKUs

At retail, 1500 PetSmart Stores launched Wham-O Pet Toys on an endcap and inline in March, 2023. The products initially launched on Amazon and PetSmart.com.  Wham-O Pet Toy expansion plans are underway in the U.S., U.K., Europe, and Canada.

Starting in August 2023, there were five new Wham-O Pet Toys on Amazon.com, including:

The SuperBall 3 in 1 Tire Ball Puzzle

Frisbee Brightzbee

Frisbee Whizzbee

Frisbee Floatsbee and

Frisbee Gripsbee

Batter, Batter Fetch
Sling 'N Fetch

In 2024, most of these continued, along with several dozen new introductions, including Innovative Launchers like Batter Batter Fetch (bat with balls inside to launch and hit), Sling 'n Fetch (Ball with Slingshot launcher), and Fling 'n Fetch (Frisbee with launcher), a new brand, called INDESTRUCTO, which is super high bounce and ultra lightweight, and floats on water. There's also a value line, a line of Hacky Sack items for cats, a line of Enrichment products, Tug of War items, and a new Slip 'n Slide for Pets.  

The newest items: Batter, Batter Fetch ($29.99 SRP); Sling 'n Fetch ($19.99 SRP); and Brightzbee are selling in PetSmart, BigLots, Amazon and other US retailers starting in May, 2024.

In June of 2024, we'll attend CHONG FEST with two Instagram content creators with 20 million followers @Hammyandolivia and @madmax_fluffyroad featuring Wham-O Pets and the Squishmallows Pet Brands.  

Wham-O Pet Toys are available in Spring 2024, from Jazwares' distributors in the UK, Pedigree Wholesale, who will offer all the new items.  Amo Toys are increasing their commitment with their support of the new Wham-O Pet Toys. Nabita Korean Toy in Asia will sell core items in 2024.

Meijer will offer an endcap for Spring 2025.

Hacky Sack & Superball
Slip 'n Slid

•   In another deal, we oversaw the launch of ‘Retro’ versions of Classic Wham-O products, including Frisbee, Hacky Sack, SuperBall, and Slip 'n Slide, to Winning Moves. The brand is doing well at retail and a Retro Slip 'n Slide will be available at retail in 2023 for the first time.

•   We also licensed Wham-O Apparel to American Eagle Outfitters for t-shirts and Wham-O promotional products.

American Eagle Wham-O Apparel

•   Bentex, a leading licensed apparel company, will market Wham-O kids t-shirts, kids playwear, and adult t-shirts.

Wham-O T-Shirts
OKTO Clay at the 2023 Nuremberg Toy Fair

•   Becker Associates is the exclusive worldwide licensing agent for Ukrainian-based 3D OKTO Clay sensory art, which was on display at the 2023 Nuremberg Toy Fair! This high quality product and packaging is safe, natural and is now trending at the intersection of Kidults and Mindfulness. Okto Clay air dries in 2-3 hours, allowing enough time to paint with clay and texturize the canvas. Safe components and natural, sustainable materials, allow for sculpting and encourage the creative process. Buy yourself time. Get in the flow. OKTO CLAY can heighten a sense of well-being and flow can increase positive emotions.

"Flow is often associated with athletes, artists, or scientists who are fully-absorbed in order to achieve peak performance. Yet, flow-like states also occur in more mundane situations, such as when engaging in certain tasks during work or leisure time (Bakker, 2008; Demerouti et al., 2012; Csikszentmihalyi, 2014). An example is a gamer spending hours behind the computer without feeling bored, fatigued, or hungry. Experiencing flow is accompanied with sense of accomplishment, meaningfulness, and positive mood states (Csikszentmihalyi and Nakamura, 2010), and as such, flow also plays a role in well-being. During flow, stress levels are low and so are worries and self-reflective thinking. People who experienced flow often, at least retrospectively, reported feeling in control, having a clear sense of direction (i.e., clear goals), and a condensed perception of time (Csikszentmihalyi, 2014). The latter means that time seems to fly when people are in a flow (Hancock et al., 2019)."

Already on Amazon.com, we're providing support for this vertically-integrated company, founded by a woman and run by women. These beautifully packaged 3D Kidult products target 12+ women. Kidults (people 18 and older) are the biggest source of growth for the Toy Industry. Kidults represented 14% of U.S. toy sales ($5.7 Billion) and 60% of the dollar growth for the 12 months ending September, 2022. Many designs come with wooden frames and produce incredible wall hangings and vertical pictures, so different from traditional Play-doh, which is mostly a manipulative. OKTO CLAY is a self-funded start-up, founded in 2016, and has overcome great challenges including the ongoing war in UKRAINE. Okto's younger, Lovin Brand provides Slime and themed-packaging for private label and educational suppliers. Becker Associates has the rights for all OKTO brands. Target ages: 18 months - 118 years. Many logistics, including banking and shipments have been relocated to Poland. There are currently distribution partners in 15 mostly Eastern European countries, including: Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, as well as Italy, Spain, and Portugal. If you're interested in global distribution or licensing in the U.S., Europe, and more than 75 other countries, please contact us.

Big Fat Yarn

•   Big Fat Yarn by Jazwares launched at Target, Walmart and Amazon in August, 2022. These finger-knitting activity craft kits are targeted to girls 6+. The super soft fabric creates pillows, purses , hair accessories and scarves in minutes! No tools or knitting needles are needed. There are more than 550 million impressions of Big Fat Yarn on social media and over 17.6 million views on YouTube as multiple YouTube videos have gone viral! (as of 2/23). There we more than 7.7 million views on social media in the first six weeks of launch. The YouTube Short with Piper has over 8.1 million views, as of 2/23 and the Plush Decor YouTube Influencer Video has over 5 million views, as of 2/23! This is our first experience with the HUGE potential of social media going viral and our licensee is very excited about it. Big Fat Yarn is the winner of many awards, including the Good Housekeeping Award, and it has been featured in numerous Hot Holiday Lists for 2022. Big Fat Yarn has also been featured on at least three morning talk shows - in Tampa, Houston and NY - including the #1 daytime talk show in the U.S., The View!

In 2023, you can buy 5 Big Fat Yarn DIY Finger Knitting Fun Craft Kits at Target Stores, 4 Big Fat Yarn Kits on Amazon, and 2 Big Fat Yarn Kits at Walmart. Big Fat Yarn is also available in Walmart Canada and on eBay. Big Fat Yarn distribution continues to expand in the U.S. and around the world into the UK and Europe in 2023 at these locations:

     •   Winter Accessorize URself Kit (#BFY0007, $29.99 at Target) DIY scarf, hat, gloves, ear warmers, or boot cuffs.
     •   Plush Decor Kit (#BFY0002, $19.99 at Target) DIY Watermelon Pillow or a Round Pillow.
     •   SQUISHMALLOWS Fashion Accessory Kit (#BFY0010, $12.99 at Target).
     •   Winter Accessorize URself Kit (#BFY0007, $29.99 at Target) DIY scarf, hat, gloves, ear warmers, or boot cuffs.
     •   Hair Bundle Pack (#BFY0006, $10.99 at Target).
     •   Plush Decor Kit (#BFY0002, $22.97 at Walmart).
     •   Hair Bundle (#BFY0006, $9.97 at Walmart).
     •   Plush Decor Kit (#BFY0002, $32.97 at Walmart Canada).
     •   SQUISHMALLOWS Cozy Accessory Kit (#BFY0026, $19.99 on Amazon.com) DIY SQUISHMALLOWS scarf or hat.
     •   Winter Accessorize URself Kit (#BFY0007, $29.99 on Amazon.com) DIY scarf, hat, gloves, ear warmers, or boot cuffs.
     •   Accessory Kit (#BFY0003, $29.99 on Amazon.com).
     •   Plush Decor Kit (#BFY0002, $19.99 on Amazon.com) DIY Watermelon Pillow or a Round Pillow.
     •   Fantasy Animal Kit (#BFY0001, $16.99 on Amazon.com).

Sophie la girafe Classic Teether
Sophie la girafe Plush

•   Dan Dee and Animal Adventure, our Sophie la girafe licensee, and one of the world's largest plush companies, is marketing a beautiful, extensive line of 15 Sophie la girafe brand plush products available spring, 2023. The initial line features anti-bacterial plush, super soft everyday infant plush in three sizes, light-up feature plush, a quilted activity mat, stroller toys, mobiles, a big rocking horse, and a soft Sophie infant chair, which is low to the ground and perfect for crawlers and walkers. Storage cubes, baby wedges, and seasonal products are planned in the future.

Rock 'n Roller Piano

•   Rock 'n Roller Piano is one of Fat Brain Toys top sellers in the US and Canada. Fat Brain Toys was purchased by Tomy in late 2020, and in 2022, we signed a deal for Rock 'n Roller Piano to be sold globally by Tomy throughout the rest of the world.

•   Anjar is well-known for marketing many games that have sold more than a million pieces. The familiarity and proven success is highly desirable after the uncertainty the world faced from Covid. Several of these included: Go for Broke (MB-1965), Tumball, and Fireball Island.

Go For Broke

•  Go For Broke! the board game where players compete to be the first to lose all their money, continues to sell well in eight European countries in 2023. Licensees include John Adams (UK), Lansay (France) as La FlambeurHutter (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) as Mankomania, and Identity (Benelux) as Bankroet. The game was completely revised and updated relaunched in 2021. Go For Broke! was the 1988 Arets Spil Best Family Game Winner

In 2023, new licensees and distributors are launching Go For Broke in 10 additional countriesGreece, Romania and Cyprus, Italy, Spain and Portugal, Denmark and Norway, Finland and Sweden.      

•   These new launches include a license by AS Company (Greece, Romania and Cyprus); and four new 2023 distribution deals through John Adams:

        •   IMC Toys Spain SA (Spain and Portugal) will be distributing Go For Broke under the name Bancarrota
        •   Rocco Giocattoli S.R.L. (Italy), will be distributing Go For Broke under the name Crack!
        •   Liniex (Norway) will be distributing Go For Broke under the name LAMILLI000.000NERNE RULLE with this tagline: Vær den første som taber/taper en million! (The Game you WIN by Losing a MILLION!)  

Liniex will be submitting LAMILLI000.000NERNE RULLE! to the 2023 Best Game of Year Competition in Denmark shortly.

        •   Toy Rock (Finland and Sweden) will be distributing Go For Broke under the names SPEL LÅT PENGARNA RULLA! (Swedish) and TÖRSÄÄ TONNIT-Peli! (Finnish).


•   Our award-winning dexterity game Tumball,  continues to be sold in dozens of countries through our licensee and long-time customer, MegaBleu. Distribution expanded into several new countries in 2021, including the U.K. through John Adams, and Kawada in Japan.

•   Badaboule, by MegaBleu, was awarded the "Grand Prix du Jouet, category game of skill" in 2017. MegaBleu innovates once again by presenting this game where you will need a steady hand and nerves of steel, otherwise... BADABOULE! As the white balls pile up, watch as the cluster of colored balls hanging from the hook begins to move... to move further and further apart... when suddenly... BADABOULE! In 2024, it will be available in the U.S.

•   Blue-Orange Games is introducing Badaboule in the US in 2024.

Vibr'Action by Megableu - UK
Vibr'Action by Megableu - Holland
Vibr'Action by Megableu - France

•   MegaBleu initially introduced the Vibr'Action Game, a laugh-out-loud, adult party game for 2-4 players in Europe at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, 2023, and launched the game in France and Benelux with a sizzle in 2024. VR Distribution is selling Vibr'Action in the UK in 2024.

Fireball Island: Race to Adventure
Vibr'Action Cards

•   A new mass-market version of the classic game Fireball Island: Race to Adventure, and brand extensions including, The Curse of Vul-Kar and Wreck of the Crimson Cutlass continue to be sold in the U.S. and Internationally by Goliath since 2021. Created as brand extensions to Fireball Island, originally licensed by Anjar in 1986, it appeals to a cult-like following. Fireball Island was the third highest grossing Kickstarter game campaign of all time, raising $2.8 million.

•   The multi-award-winning Timber Tots, sold by Fat Brain Toys in the U.S. for the past four years, represents another brand deal we brokered. In 2022, we added several new distributors in European countries, including QElements (Poland), and Bebeluc (Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria). Timber Tots Treehouse was a 2020 Finalist for a TOTY Award in the Playset Category and the Winner of the ASTRA Best Toy Award. The Timber Tots Schoolhouse was introduced during the pandemic V

Timber Tots

in 2021, so a slightly older child could 'play school' even if they didn't have in-person classes. Bathtub Bay encourages toddlers to take a bath. The brand continues to expand each year, with new winter-themed introductions in 2022 and additional products added to the line in 2023.

•   According to NPD in 2021, U.S. sales of Outdoor and Sports Toys rose to $5.9 billion in retail sales, growing 29% in 2020 vs. 2019, and an additional 8% in 2021 vs. 2020.

Games and Puzzles were the second fastest growth category since 2019, with a 33% increase in 2020 vs. 2019, and an additional 14% in 2021 vs. 2020, rising to $3.3 billion in sales in 2021.

Infant / Toddler / Preschool Toys rose to $3.7 billion in 2021, an increase of 9% in 2020 vs. previous year and 11% in 2021 over the previous year.

Plush, while still a relatively small category overall ($1.7 billion), rose 6.5% in 2020 and 30% more in 2021, largely driven by Squishmallows. We're active in all four categories.

Steve Kaufman Puzzles
Steve Kaufman Puzzles

•  We added a new licensee, MJM Australia for Steve Kaufman Puzzles in 2021 and MJM Australia further extended the Steve Kaufman Puzzle line in 2022, following their big success during Covid. Steve Kaufman was a protégé and apprentice of Andy Warhol, and his Pop Art is in high demand, including new NFTs and two pictures hanging at the NY Stock Exchange.

•   TCG Toys added new selections for their 2021 and 2022 Steve Kaufman Puzzle line because they sold so well during the pandemic.

Anne Geddes Plush

•   MJM Australia also renewed their license for the beautiful Anne Geddes Plush line for the 4th time in 2023. The pink Baby Fairy, Baby Bee, Baby Tiger, purple Baby Bunny, and the Baby Bear sold extraordinarily well in Toys R Us and Aldi in 2022 and that will continue in 2023.


•   Funskool fueled our continued expansion into India in 2021, launching Jigstars, an exciting party game in a new category called puzzle-games, and Backlash, a simple checkers-like game. As a manufacturer and exporter, these Funskool games are now available globally for licensing and distribution to all other countries.


•   We’ve previously licensed other games and exciting crafts, such as Tapeigami Kits to Funskool in India, and have Indian sourcing and pricing available for your products, regardless of where your warehouse is. Tapeigami is essentially Origami using tape. We've created a line of proprietary tape, and proprietary processes, that include animals, vehicles and other themes. Customers can create an entire collection of products as small as a penny or life-size, using four simple techniques. Instruction videos and no-reading required booklets are included.

•   We represent many inventors, entrepreneurs, brands, and manufacturers, and we have some tooling available, as well as already manufactured games and crafts you can distribute. As mentioned we also have sourcing in China and India. Our new Media Division offers content around the IP we own or represent, including some wonderful children books that can be used for all types of media, including streaming, TV commercials, and YouTube videos.

•   Schedule a Zoom meeting if you’d like to see new products.

About Us

Becker Associates LLC & Anjar Co. LLC are an award-winning, full service, global licensor and IP brand management agency. We’ve licensed over 1,500 products and brands, and our licensees have sold more than $2.5 billion worth of our toys, crafts, kits, games, and dolls. We're the proud recipient of the prestigious Outstanding Licensing Agent Award and have been called, ‘The Best Run Licensing Agency in the Country.’  We were humbled and honored to be named as the Mojo 100 Most Influential People in the Toy Industry three years in a row (2020, 2021 and 2022). We've also received the Play Connects Philanthropy Award in partnership with the Toy Industry Foundation.

As Past-President of Women in Toys, Licensing and Entertainment (WIT), Patti helped initiate the impactful relationship with Walmart, when she envisioned the WIT Walmart Empowerment Day for Women-Owned-Businesses, in 2012. The Walmart program helped WIT catalyze retail partnerships in a new way and became a pilot program for Walmart's $20 billion initiative to diversify their supplier base. Patti also initiated and oversaw the repositioning of WIT to include Licensing and Entertainment, global expansion, an increased budget, and respect for the WIT organization.

Patti is currently advocating for mental health and wellness to have parity with physical health for children and young adults, focusing on those transitioning from college to careers. Patti is also a Play Ambassador for the Toy Association's Genius of Play Campaign. The Founder of Anjar, my ‘Dad' James R. Becker, is in the Toy Industry Hall of Fame and received a Lifetime Achievement Award at ChiTAG as a Pioneer in the Licensing Industry. He was also honored with the prestigious International Designer and Inventor of Toys Award (also known as the I.D.I.O.T. Award). The Award is given to luminaries who have made outstanding contributions to the Toy Industry.

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Schedule a Zoom meeting or email us for an in-person meeting, and we'll personally demonstrate exciting proprietary products, proven best-sellers, and well-known brands. Every appointment is customized to fit your needs. In 2023, our trade show planning includes: Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg, Germany, NY Now, Play USA in NYC, ToyFest in Las Vegas, Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL, Spring PlayDate, various Wham-O Anniversary Celebrations, ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, Atlanta Gift Show, ASTRA Marketplace in Columbus, Ohio, DisTOY in London, Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, Tokyo Toy Show, Super Zoo in Las Vegas, Brand Licensing Show in UK, ZooMark 2023 in Bologna, Italy, Toy Fair in NYC, and ChiTAG in Chicago. We began to attend in-person industry trade shows again in March of 2022, including: Toy Fair West, The Global Pet Show in Florida, DisToy in the UK, Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, SuperZoo in Las Vegas, 2022 Holiday & 2023 Preview Show in Dallas, Mojo Pitch, Licensing Summit in NYC, and ChiTAG in Chicago.

Becker Associates Strives for Increased Sustainability, Social Impact, Philanthropy, and Improved Mental Health for Children

Every day we make sustainable choices that we believe will have a long-term positive impact on the health of our planet and well-being of our society. At Becker Associates, our licensed products are increasingly made from non-toxic, ethically sourced ingredients by major manufacturers around the world who are prioritizing sustainability. We do our best to encourage our licensees to make and package our toys and games in eco-friendly packaging that can be recycled or repurposed. On a trip to Alaska, we were made visibly aware of global warming, which continues to dramatically affect our planet. We were exposed to glaciers that were identified annually as they receded, with a simple sign stating the year, placed next to the outermost edge of the glacier. That visual was stunning. As advocates for children and the importance of play, we’re acutely aware of the role we have in protecting the environment for future generations. Because I've always had a passion for play, I've also recently become a PLAY AMBASSADOR for the Toy Association Genius of Play Initiative. I've recently joined the Executive Board of MESHhelps.com, leveraging MESH skills and the Power of Play to build resilience. Mental, Emotional, and Social Health can be improved through problem-solving, self-regulation, conflict resolution and communication strategies by helping children identify and overcome obstacles, explain what they are experiencing, and ask for help when they are stuck.

Are You an Inventor? 

We're always looking for new products! If you're an inventor and have a new concept in any category, please submit it to us for review on the Inventors page of this website.

•   Schedule a Zoom meeting if you’d like to discuss your new products.