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An icon of American pop culture since the 1940’s, Wham-O, Inc. continues to delight and surprise the world with its toys, now for our four-legged family members! Jazwares has developed a new line of fun and exciting products for pets: Wham-O Pets!

Wham-O, Inc. has popularized some of the most iconic toy products in history. They have been the maker of well-known recreational items for the back yard, beach, snow and pool.

Wham-O Pet Frisbee is not your ordinary flying piece of plastic, but instead this 9in. soft rubber disc features raised Bone-Tec patterning, which adds dimensionality to a product and provides tooth grip and chew feel. It’s made from a new custom design consisting of h

Wham-O has been a pioneer of fun and excitement to people for over 75 years. Pet parents and their pups will love to play with this new line of toys. The collection includes a Wham-O Super Ball, along with many other durable pull and tug toys as well. Their entire pet product collection has been custom designed for dogs of different sizes so many popular smaller breeds can play too.

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