“Daedalus’ Maze” — Be the first to get the treasure and exit the Maze. Spinningmechanism and numerous cards provide constantly changing challenges and play. Can be played by 2-4 players, ages 8+.

  •  Each player places 4 of their soldiers anywhere on the outside ring of the Maze

The Cards:
  •  3 different categories: Gods &Heroes, Events, and Beasts
  •  Cards’ text affect the gameplay

The Pawns:
  •  24 pawns (“soldiers”), 4 colors
  •  Players pick 6 soldiers of the same color:
  •  4 soldiers placed in the Maze:
  •  2 soldiers kept in reserve

To Win:
  •  Soldier must be first to reach Treasure Chamber in the center of the Maze, pick up the Treasure, and find his way out to the Exit Zone while still carrying the Treasure intact
  •  Other players try to kill that soldier, take the treasure, and exit the Maze*

The Spinning Labyrinth:
  •  Rotate the Maze walls one step clockwise (15degrees) after all players have moved their soldiers

“Spinning Maze” — Be the first to reach the center of the board with all your pawns and win the game. Spinning mechanism provides constantly changing challenges and play. Can be played by 2-4 players, ages 8+.

Object: Be the first to enter the Escape Zone (center of the Board) with all your pawns—and win!

To Start: The first player puts one of his/her pawns in a field of his/her choice in the Entrance Zone. The rest of the players take turns (clockwise) until all of their pawns are placed into an empty field in the Entrance Zone. Maze walls rotate 15º clockwise and the game begins!

To Move: (1) First player moves his/her pawns and then rotates the walls 15º clockwise; (2) Rest of players do the same.

  •  Players can choose the number of pawns they wish to move during each turn
  •  Players can move pawns up/down OR right/left for as many fields as they wish until blocked by maze walls or opponents’ pawn

Challenge: Maze walls (red lines) are impossible to pass and can trap players as they rotate.

Read the full Rule Book here.

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