Ultimate Cookie Dipper

The Ultimate Cookie Dipper puts a new, fun, and safe spin on dipping cookies in milk by eliminating the need to insert dirty, germ infested fingers into the milk. Perfect for any event and guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Why Use the Dipper

•  No more broken cookies in your milk!
•  No more wet fingers!
•  No more dirty, germy fingers in your milk!

How the Dipper Works

•  Cookie sits inside Dipper chamber
•  Once dunked into milk, openings within and around the chamber allow milk to flow in
•  Milk drains from openings once removed, resulting in a perfectly dipped cookie
•  Sip while you dip through the disposable straw
•  Watch kids having fun with the Dipper here

The Possibilities

•  Can be licensed with: Keebler, Nabisco, or others
•  Can be used:
    •  As premium with other merchandise (e.g., puzzles)
    •  With 3rd party licensors (i.e., Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster, sports teams)

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