The Wham-O® Classic Trac-Ball Game is a timeless solution for 2-person fun! This outdoor game lets you sling the air-action balls long distances with extra spin thanks to the specially designed rackets. The Wham-O Classic Trac-Ball Game includes 2 jumbo rackets and 2 balls. Perfect for the backyard and camping trips alike!  Watch a classic Wham-O Trac-Ball TV commercial!


Fun Facts about Trac-Ball:

*  1975 - Wham-O introduced Trac-Ball, which features a racquet that acts as both a basket to catch the ball and a curved scoop to throw it.  Air action balls can bank and curve allowing you to throw a curve ball around stationary objects, like trees.
*  By 2018 - Trac-Ball added LEDs for night play.

Upcoming Anniversaries:

2025 - Trac-Ball 50th Anniversary (1975 intro)


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