The Doggos

Heartwarming Stories of Dogs and the Kids who Love Them

The Doggos is a new brand of little books and soft toys that tell heartwarming stories of dogs and the kids who love them. These human-dog bond stories are International, multi-racial and multicultural. Each book tells the tale of a sad abandoned dog, and an unhappy, out of control or lonely child. Many children suffer from loneliness, anxiety, bullying or hyperactivity, and when just the right dog comes into his or her life, magic happens. Dogs are reservoirs of unconditional love, and can make a kid feel secure and valued. Each Doggo has a dazzling red heart appliqué pocket with a removable battery operated heartbeat. There’s the potential for a streaming cartoon series and other brand extensions. The first ten featured kids and dogs are shown below. A percentage of the proceeds from The Doggos will support animal welfare agencies, including The Humane Society International, and The Duo Duo Project, whose Mission is to promote compassion for and understanding of dogs, and the human-dog bond.

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