Super Ball

In the early 1960s, chemical engineer Norman Stingley accidentally created a plastic that he couldn't stop from bouncing. Wham-O purchased the product, renaming it the Super Ball®, and the world's best-selling bouncy ball was born. Made from the compound polymer Zectron, which gives it that supreme elasticity, more than 20 million Super Balls were sold in the 1960s. At the craze's height, Wham-O was producing 170K balls per day. They were so popular that McGeorge Bundy, National Security Adviser to then President Lyndon Johnson, bought them for his staff as stress relievers.  Watch a classic Wham-O Super Ball TV commercial!

Fun Facts about Super Ball:  

*  During the 1960s, more than 20M Super Balls were sold by Wham-O.
*  The Super Ball is on display in The Strong National Museum of Play
*  The Super Ball was created by a chemical engineer by accident from Zectron.
*  1965 - Zectron Super Balls were introduced by Wham-O. They could bounce back 93% of the distance from which it was dropped.
*  The NFL named the Super Bowl games after Super Ball!
*  Once dropped out of a 23rd floor hotel window in Australia, the Super Ball shot back up 15 floors.
*  By 2018 - Wham-O expanded the line to include new colors and sizes.

Upcoming Anniversaries:

2025 - Super Ball 60th Anniversary (1965 intro)


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