Othello® - A Minute to Learn, A Lifetime to Master®

Anjar Co., was instrumental in introducing OTHELLO to the U.S. and worldwide market outside of Japan; organizing the WOC; and successfully licensing, marketing, promoting, advertising, merchandising and popularizing OTHELLO around the world outside of Japan.

One of the most popular games of all time, Othello is rich in strategy, but still approachable by the casual player. Othello was first introduced in Japan in 1973, by Tsukuda Original Co. In 1975, Anjar Co. licensed Othello to Gabriel Industries for the U.S. market and, subsequently, Anjar licensed Othello around the world outside of Japan. Anjar also encouraged Othello licensees to use the tagline, “A Minute to Learn... A Lifetime to Master.”

Today, Othello Associations exist in over 40 different countries. Othello has been sold in over 100 different countries, making it the most successfully licensed strategy game in the world. In 1977, Anjar organized the first World Othello Championship™ (WOC), bringing together the world’s top Othello players. The World Othello Championship has been held in the U.S. every 10 years.

Othello® has appeared in virtually every format as these platforms have become available, including: Atari 2600, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, computer CD-ROM games, coin-op arcade machines, and handheld electronic games. Othello was also licensed to Bandai in Europe and the U.S. for cell phone games.

Othello was recognized by Playthings Magazine, the principle Toy Industry publication, as one of the ‘Classic Toys and Games of the 20th Century’ still in production. Other prestigious awards that Othello has won include the Parents’ Choice Classic Toy Award and Games Magazine’s Hall of Fame.

Othello is a registered trademark of Megahouse Crop.

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