Mirror Mania

Variety of games are played through reverse imaging – by looking at a mirror and drawing. Can add timer so it becomes a race, for more excitement!

Take the driver's seat in this sensational, brain-teasing game! Just follow the road from start to finish. Sounds simple… but can it be done using a reflected image? Whether alone, with friends, or at a party, Mirror Mania is sure to bring hours of fun, laughter and excitement.

Contents: Easy-to-Assemble Game Tray, Play sheets, 2 Felt Tip Pens, Instruction Sheet.

Follow the simple instructions for the easy-to-assemble game tray. Choose a play sheet and pen. Now you're ready to get behind the wheel! Observe the reflected image through the eye holes on the viewer panel. Place a pen at Start and go…Oops! Stay on the road! Fun to do, hilarious to watch. The eyes see an image the hand won't follow. Your mind says go, but your hand says no!

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