C-Bite Contruction Kit

Introducing the C-Bite, a patented garden clip that is also the world's most interesting and interconnecting single element building brick. C-Bite can be used to create infinite geometries and shapes. It connects to many other things as well, making it versatile beyond its box.

• Versatile Shapes: Create rigid frameworks or flexible shapes with 140+ connecting combinations.

• Durable Material: Made from UV-resistant non-virgin plastic, these connectors are built to last, ensuring hours of play, project after project.

• Colorful Options: Available in vibrant Lime Green, Tangerine Orange, and Incognito Green, adding a pop of color to every creation.

• Safety First: Designed with family fun in mind, C-BITE Connectors are safe for children aged 3 to 8 under supervision, and they double as a neat way to organize cables and small items when playtime is over.

Unleash creativity and build your world with C-BITE Connectors - Where every clip is a new opportunity for innovation and fun!

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