Boogie Board

Morey – Tom Morey, a surfer and beach lover in Hawaii, invented the first bodyboard in his backyard on July 7, 1971. Morey borrowed an electric carving knife and a household iron, whittled some scrap polyethylene foam into a small rectangular mat and covered it with newspaper. The first Boogie Board was born, and history was made. He trademarked the name and placed and placed an ad in surfing magazine. By 1977 he was producing 80,000 per year.

BZ – considered to be the number one high performance board on the market. Bobby Szabad was one of Tom Morey’s first backyard factory workers in the very early days, and one of the first Morey Boogie team riders. While head of production at Morey’s Kransco plant, Bobby left to start his own company, named BZ.

The first major professional competition was held at the Banzai pipeline with a $5,000 prize purse. Over the years, the Pipeline competition evolved into what has become known as the World Bodyboard Championships. Top surfers from around the world converge on the North Shore of Oahu to compete.

Churchill – In 1940 Churchill designed and patented the swim fin using vulcanized rubber.

Fun Facts about Boogie Board:

*  1971: Morey Boogie Board introduced by Tom Morey.
*  1978: Kransco buys rights to Morey Boogie Board.
*  2002: Wham-O buys BZ surf brands from Earth & Ocean Sports.
*  2021 - Boogie Boards 50th Anniversary (1971 intro)

Upcoming Anniversaries:

2026 - Boogie Boards 55th Anniversary (1971 intro)


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