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Read by over 2.3 million children in the past year on Epic!, the leading digital reading platform for elementary school readers. Epic! has over 40k popular books. NOW! A Little Bit of Dinosaur is available for licensing for publishing, toys and apparel. You have a little bit of Tyrannosaurus Rex in your jawbone! Don’t believe me? It’s all your mother’s fault!

A Little Bit of Dinosaur provides a humorous overview of the fossilization and breakdown of dinosaur bones and how man and nature are interconnected. This circle of life - or the conservation of mass - is illustrated with humor and empathy. How can calcium from a dinosaur appear in present-day human anatomy, such as a child's jawbone? The text begins with prehistoric times, and then ultimately follows a mother who visits the grocery store and buys cheese that contains calcium that used to be in a dinosaur. This picture book uses an engaging scientific concept to present a goofy yet understandable narrative for younger readers. Each spread features bright, comical cartoon artwork and clear lettering. While the information is told as factual, the illustrations have a fantastical element, such as a child with actual dinosaur parts and a cow riding farm equipment. Available on Epic! as a Read Aloud title. EPIC! combines the ebook/audiobook to create the read-along version. Also available in e-book and audiobook formats, in addition to paperback and hardcover.

Book 2, A Little Bit of THIS Dinosaur, will be available in January, 2023.Book 3, A Little Bit of THAT Dinosaur, will be available in May of 2023. Additional titles may include: A Little Bit of Elephant, A Little Bit of Python. For children 5-9 years old.

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