Wham-O Appoints Global Licensing Agency

March 22, 2021

There are few companies that have historically done a better job of branding their inventions than Wham-O, and now Anjar Co. and Becker Associates has been given the weighty responsibility of licensing and commercializing brands like Hula Hoop, Hacky Sack, Boogie Board, and Frisbee, among many others.

It’s a mark of Wham-O’s success in creating successful new products that those types of products are generally known to the public by the company’s brand names. You don’t go out to play ‘flying disc’, for example; you go out to play Frisbee, and the same can be said of Slip ’n’ Slide, Hacky Sack, Boogie Board, and Hula Hoop. Wham-O says it has appointed Anjar Co. & Becker Associates as the exclusive global licensing agency for all of its brand, which include Frisbee, Slip ’N Slide, Hula Hoop, Hacky Sack, Super Ball, Trac-Ball, and Boogie Board, among others.

Under the Agreement, Anjar and Becker Associates will develop, license, and commercialize Wham-O brand merchandise and brand extensions across all product categories “to bring families, friends, and teammates together, while promoting active play and fun, indoors and out. ”Anjar and Becker Associates are an award-winning, full-service global licensing, IP and Brand Management Agency. We’ve licensed about 1000 products and our licensees have provided ~$2 billion of fun for children around the world, including numerous evergreen products that have become familiar household names.

Jonathan Becker, President of Anjar Co. admits the work ahead is both inspiring and a bit daunting, given how deeply Wham-O products have become a part of American culture. “It’s hard to overstate the iconic stature of Wham-O’s brands,” Becker says. “Slip ‘n Slide, the Super Ball, Hacky Sack, Hula Hoop, and, of course, the Frisbee, are ubiquitous, part of our culture and the happy memories of millions of people around the world. The opportunity to leverage these well-known brands, in toys and other categories, is an honor and privilege, and we’re excited to pursue every opportunity to showcase them to potential licensees.”

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