Weave Your Way Through Winter with Big Fat Yarn

December 8, 2022

Create custom winter accessories with Big Fat Yarn Winter Accessory Kit. | Source: Jazwares

Now, kids can create their own winter and bedroom accessories with this cozy craft kit!

Big Fat Yarn from Jazwares is a plush craft kit intended for kids ages 6 and up that comes in multiple styles. Choose from Big Fat Yarn Plush Decor Kit, Winter Accessory Kit, Accessory Kit, and Fantasy Animal Kit. Kids can create up to ten styles depending on the kit and each kit includes super soft yarn in fun colors and all accessories (like stuffing or stickers) needed to complete the project. The best part is when kids are done creating their plush, they can take it apart and redo it!

Fantasy Animal Kit ($16.99)
Accessory Kit ($29.99)
Plush Decor Kit ($19.99)
Winter Accessory Kit ($29.99)

With the Big Fat Yarn Plush Decor Kit, kids can create a plush cushion or plush watermelon. The Winter Accessory Kit can be used to create up to six functional and fabulous accessories like an infinity scarf, ear warmers, a pompom hat, boot cuffs, or a wrap scarf. Tweens can also create up to ten crafts with the Accessory Kit which includes all the tools needed to make a bucket handbag, a crossbody bag, a headband, a spa headband, a cat-ear sleeping mask, a clutch, two scrunchies, and two hairclips. The Fantasy Animal Kit can be used to create up to two projects: a plush cat or dog.

Made with the Accessory Kit.
Made with the Winter Accessory Kit.

There are no additional materials required for Big Fat Yarn. Creating each piece involves a technique known as finger weaving, which can take some time to get the hang of. Luckily, there’s an easy online video tutorial kids can use to figure out how to finger weave using Big Fat Yarn, and each kit includes a detailed step-by-step picture guide.

Beware that the yarn does shed when manipulated so creating the yarn crafts outdoors or over some newspapers might be best. During our testing process, we really enjoyed how we can customize the colors and size of each project according to our preferences. And while each kit does include guides and pre-measured projects to create, kids can still choose to create whatever they want with the yarn.

Big Fat Yarn are fun, customizable arts and crafts kits that can teach kids more about finger weaving. If you know a tween that loves to show off their creativity, this craft kit can make a great gift!

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