TIimber Tots Voted #1 Most Loved Toy of the 1980s

April 30, 2021

Hungry Hungry Hippos, Pound Puppies, and the TreeTots Family Treehouse have all been named among the top ten most era-defining toys of the 1980s, according to a survey of some 40,000 nostalgic British parents this year.

Taking participants on a trip down memory lane to an age dominated by terrestrial TV, mix tapes, and a lot of hair cuts, the online nostalgia-focused platform, Eighties Kids set out to uncover the best-loved and best-remembered toys played with and owned by children of the ’80s.

From emerging technology found in the SEGA Mega Drive and Speak & Spell, to toys that fuelled our imaginations, such as Fashion Wheel and Spirograph, and the divisive Cabbage Patch Kids, over 40,000 Brits have had their say, with the TreeTots Family Treehouse revealed as the number one item of the era.

The now iconic pop-up treehouse, complete with nuclear plastic family – originally brought to audiences by Kenner Toys in 1975 – topped the polling, followed closely by the Nintendo Game Boy and Care Bears.

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