The View Fans Alarmed as Whoopi Goldberg Goes Wild on Set

December 14, 2022

Whoopi Goldberg went WILD on the set of The View during Wednesday’s episode in a way that left alarmed viewers at home taking to social media to express concern. What did the talk show moderator do exactly that had the audience at home so worried about her? Keep reading for the details.

Today’s episode of The View wrapped up with Sara Haines and Whoopi Goldberg leading a fun segment for anyone who was still shopping for last-minute Christmas presents for children. The segment focused on a few hot toys of the 2022 Season.

First, Sara and Whoopi got a look at a treehouse for the children to enjoy. Whoopi was noticeably excited by it. Next, they showed off Echo Dot Kids’ interactive books. Both Whoopi and Sara thought the books were impressive and perfect if someone needed a more educational toy.

Whoopi Goldberg [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

The next toy on deck was called Big Fat Yarn. This yarn was a bit magical as children could fold and play with it in their hands while turning it into just about anything including stuffed animals or a pillow.

Finally, the toy was on deck that sent Whoopi Goldberg on a WILD chase. The toy was a remote-controlled monster truck. Now, Whoopi admitted remote-controlled items were not her thing. So, Sara took control of the truck. While Sara was driving the truck, things got wild as Whoopi proceeded to chase the monster truck around the set. Whoopi recruited the crew members to retrieve the truck for her a few different times when it fell before she proceeded to chase it again.

Whoopi Goldberg [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

Viewers express concern on social media

At 67 years old, Whoopi Goldberg hasn’t exactly been shy with her health problems. So, fans were a bit concerned that it might not be the best idea for her to be running around the set chasing a monster truck. Likewise, many fans were concerned she was going to fall and get seriously injured. Many alarmed and concerned fans took to Twitter and Facebook urging Whoopi to “be careful.”

Ultimately, the scene made viewers uncomfortable worrying about Whoopi zipping around the set after this truck. So, viewers agreed it wasn’t exactly the best way to promote the toy because the truck isn’t really what anyone was looking at.

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