Jazwares Debuts Big Fat Yarn Crafts and Holiday Toy Lineup at Sweet Suite 2022

July 14, 2022
Big Fat Yarn accessories | Source: Jazwares/the Toy Insider

It’s time to get your craft on: There’s going to be a new way to knit this holiday season.

Jazwares unveiled Big Fat Yarn craft kits today at the Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite 2022 event, along with other anticipated hot toys coming out this fall for the holiday season.

Create a cat or a dog with the Big Fat Yarn Fantasy Animal Kit | Source: Jazwares

Big Fat Yarn is a line of DIY finger knitting kits that requires no tools. Each kit comes with colorful bundles of soft yarn and multiple project options. If kids want to switch up their designs, they can simply unwrap it to create something new.

There will be five kits available this fall for kids ages 6 and up at Amazon, Target, and Walmart, including the Plush Decor Kit ($21.99), Fantasy Animal Kit ($16.99), Mini Hair Kit ($10.99), Winter Accessory Kit ($29.99), and Accessory Kit ($29.99).

Dino Ranch Clubhouse (top left), CoComelon Deluxe Clubhouse Playset (bottom left), Chienda the Wooly Mammoth (middle), Blippi Go-Kart Racer (top right), CoComelon Boo Boo JJ Doll (bottom right) | Source: Jazwares/the Toy Insider

Other holiday toy highlights at Sweet Suite include:

  • Squishmallows: New Squishmallows Squads launching this fall include the Food, Sealife, and Harvest.
  • Blippi Go-Kart Racer: Blippi fans can take their favorite pal on a spin around the playroom with this kid-powered go-kart. Designed especially for small hands, the vehicle features a Blippi figure that snaps in behind the wheel, and once the go-kart is pulled back, it takes a victory lap and spins around in celebration.
  • CoComelon Boo Boo JJ Doll: Inspired by the star of CoComelon, Boo Boo JJ is a 12-inch doll that kids can use to plaas JJ’s very own doctor in training. Boo Boo JJ includes sensory signals that express to kids where he is hurt, whether it’s on his head, elbow, knee, or foot. When kids press his belly, JJ sings “The Boo Boo Song.”
  • CoComelon Deluxe Clubhouse Playset: This interactive playset includes multiple activities, including an elevator basket, see-saw, and three character figures (JJ, YoYo, and Bingo). The playset also plays two songs, “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and “Looby Loo.”
  • Dino Ranch Clubhouse: This playset features five different play zones and 13 accessories, including a rolling cart and dino beds, and character figures Jon, Blitz, and Bopper.
  • First Act DJ Mixer and ASMR Generator: With this DJ-inspired mixer and generator, kids can create new beats, add effects, and remix them to different samples for the ultimate party anthem. Eight rhythms are included, along with additional ASMR and drums sound effects.
  • Pokémon Deluxe Flame & Flight Charizard: The most popular fire-type Pokémon of all time is now a fully interactive feature figure with more than 30 unique lights, sounds, and movement reactions to the way it flies. Charizard flaps its wings and launches fire missiles from its mouth. Also comes with a 2-inch Pikachu figure & launcher for training.
  • Pokémon Volcano Carry Case: This on-the-go carrying case folds out into a playset, including an erupting volcano, a winding whirlpool, battle launchers, and more.
First Act DJ Mixer and ASMR Generator (top left), Pokémon Volcano Carry Case (bottom left), Pokémon Deluxe Flame & Flight Charizard (right) | Source: Jazwares/the Toy Insider

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