Big Fat Yarn Featured on Tampa Bay's Morning Blend

November 30, 2022

Jazwares is proudly unwrapping the trend with Big Fat Yarn––the Finger Knitting craft kit that makes finger knitting fun and accessible for kids and parents. This is a unique, modern knitting experience that is inspiring and customizable with irresistibly soft yarn.

With no tools required, Big Fat Yarn is an easy way to experience creativity right at your fingertips. With the Plush Decor Kit, there are two project options – a circle plush or a watermelon plush.

The three Big Fat Yarn pink, yellow, and teal bundles can be combined in two basic techniques: typing slip knots to make chains. This can be accomplished in three easy steps: finger knit, customize, and repeat. When one project is complete, the entire set can be disassembled and remade into the other project.

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