Wham-O® toys form deep emotional connections with people over time. They're among the best-known outdoor brands, at a time when the backyard is the new vacation spot! You couldn’t be a kid and grow up without playing with Wham-O toys.

Wham-O is a lifestyle brand that has been synonymous with fun, play and active sports ever since Arthur “Spud” Mellin and Richard Knerr founded the company almost 75 years ago! Wham-O manufactures and markets some of the most highly recognizable consumer brands in the world today, including classics like Frisbee® discs, Slip ’N Slide® water slides, Hula Hoop® toy hoops, Hacky Sack®, Super Ball®, Trac-Ball®, and Boogie® Body Boards. Wham-O sports appeal to all ages! They're steeped in the cultural tradition of classic, well-made toys.

The Frisbee® and Hula Hoop® were inducted into the National Toy Industry Hall of Fame (1998, 1999). The Super Bowl name came from the Super Ball and is also on exhibit in the Strong Museum! Wham-O toys are sold in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Australia. Watch classic Wham-O TV commercials!


1948: Wham-O founded.
1957: Frisbee introduced. Pluto Platter rights acquired from Fred Morrison.
1958: Hula Hoop introduced.
1961: Slip 'N Slide introduced.
1965: Super Ball introduced.
1971: Morey Boogie Board introduced by Tom Morey.
1974: Hacky Sack footbags invented by Marshall and Stalberger.
1975: Trac-Ball introduced.
1978: Kransco buys rights to Morey Boogie Board.
1982: Wham-O purchased by Kransco Group, after Hasbro makes an attempt to buy Wham-O.
1983: Hacky Sack introduced by Wham-O.
1994: Mattel buys Wham-O from Kransco.
1995: Wham-O buys Aspectus.
1997: Wham-O becomes independent when an investment group from Charter House and Seven Hills Partners purchases it from Mattel.
2002: Founder Arthur "Spud" Melin dies.
2002: Wham-O buys BZ surf brands from Earth & Ocean Sports.
2006: Wham-O sold for $80 million to Cornerstone Overseas Investment Limited, a Chinese company that owns/controls five Chinese factories.
2008: Founder Richard Knerr dies.
2009: Wham-O sold to investment firm, The Aguilar Group.
2010: Wham-O acquires Sprig Toys.
2010: Fred Morrison dies.
2015: StallionSport Ltd. and InterSport Corp. acquire global rights to Wham-O Inc.
2018: Wham-O partners with Smarcircle LMT ltd. to introduce SmacircleS1 e-bike.

Upcoming Birthday Celebrations:

2021 - Slip ‘n Slide 60th birthday  (1961 intro)
2021 - Boogie Board 50th birthday (1971 intro) 
2022 - Frisbee 65th birthday (Introduced in 1957 as Pluto Platter)
2023 - Wham-O 75th birthday (formed 1948)
2023 - Hula Hoop 65th birthday from trademark filing (1958 intro)
2023 - Hacky Sack 40th birthday (1983 intro)
2025 - SuperBall 60th birthday (1965 intro)
2025 - Trac-Ball 50th birthday (1975 intro)
2026 - Slip ‘n Slide 65th birthday  (1961 intro)
2026 - Boogie Board 55th birthday (1971 intro)


Fun Facts about Frisbee:

*  The Frisbee is one of the very few toys that have sold more than 200 million pieces.
*  It soars, spins, skips, and sails. It flips, and floats, flutters, and flies.
*  Frisbee connects people with each other.
* 1957 - Wham-O introduces the Frisbee, known then as the Pluto Platter.
*  Frisbee or Pluto Platter? Inspired by the countrywide obsession with the UFO phenomena, Wham-O founders named the most popular flying disc the Pluto Platter™ Putt Putt.
*  1958 - The brand name Frisbee was introduced, influenced by the comic strip called, “Mr. Frisbie” and by the tins from the Frisbie Pie Co.
*  1958 - Wham-O files for Frisbee trademark.
*  c.1964 - Ed Headrick created official Pro Model Frisbee, with a black racing stripe, Olympic Rings, ridges in the upper surface of the disc, and the official weight printed on a gold decal.
*  Headrick founded Disc Golf, the Disc Golf Association, now known as professional disc golf Association.
*  1967 - International Frisbee Association was formed by Headrick.
*  1967 - Frisbee Football, where two teams competed on a football size field, started. Later this was known as Ultimate Frisbee, where you scored by catching a Frisbee in the opponents end zone.
*  1974 - World Frisbee Disc Championships were held in the Rose Bowl in front of 50k fans.
*  1974 - At Dodger Stadium, Alex Stein, a 19 year old, ran out into the field during a Dodgers / Red Game with his dog Ashley Whippet and a handful of frisbees. Alex threw, Ashley ran, jumped and caught ... and Canine Frisbee or Disc Dog was born.
*  1976 - Headrick left Wham-O, patented Disc Golf, oversaw construction of 800 disc golf courses in 20 countries.
*  By 1982, IFA has 112,000 members in 30 countries.
*  1998 - The Frisbee® was inducted into the Strong Museum National Toy Industry Hall of Fame.
*  In 2018 - Wham-O's 70th birthday, 27 unique Frisbees were marketed by Wham-O.

Fun Facts about Hula Hoop:

*  The Hula Hoop is one of the very few toys that have sold more than 200 million pieces.
*  The modern Hula Hoop was inspired by bamboo exercise rings that children in Australia were playing with. In 1957, 400,000 Hula Hoops were sold in Australia by Toltoys.
*  1957 - 25 million Hula Hoops were sold in less than four months after Wham-O's launch.
*  1958 - Hula Hoop was trademarked by Wham-O.
*  1960 - More than 100 million units sold by Wham-O, in the 2 years after they were introduced, which was $45 million in revenue at the time.
*  1965 - Shoop-Shoop, a Hula Hoop with beads trapped inside to make noise was introduced.
*  1999 - The Hula Hoop was inducted into the Strong Museum National Toy Industry Hall of Fame.
*  By 2018: Wham-O has more than 20 different Hula Hoops, including classic LEDs, Glow in the Dark, DIY, and hoops with whistles and sounds.
*  Wham-O Hula Hoop tricks included: Kill the Buzzard (around the neck), the Natural (around the waist), the Knee Knocker, the Stork, Play War, Skip with the Hula Hoop, Run through it, Giant Horseshoes, Upsy Daisy, Roll and Catch, and Push-o-Hoop.

Fun Facts about Super Ball:  

*  During the 1960s, more than 20 million Super Balls were sold by Wham-O.
*  The Super Ball is on display in The Strong National Museum of Play
*  Super Ball was created by a chemical engineer by accident from Zectron.
*  1965 - Zectron Super Balls were introduced by Wham-O. They could bounce back 93% of the distrance from which it was dropped.
*  The NFL named the Super Bowl games after Super Ball!
*  Once dropped out of a 23rd floor hotel window in Australia, the Super Ball shot back up 15 floors
*  By 2018 - Wham-O expanded the line to include new colors and sizes.

Fun Facts about Hacky Sack:

*  By 2018 - Over 25 million footbags sold.
*  1972 - The Footbag (Hacky Sack) was invented by John Stalberger and Mick Marshall and sold 2 million prior to 1983.
*  1979 - Stalberger and Ted Huff formed NHSA, the National Hacky Sack Association.
*  1983 - Wham-O introduces Hacky Sack.
*  1984 - World Footbag Association (WFA) formed in Golden, Colorado.
*  Wham-O marketed Hacky Sack as a soccer training aid.
*  1984 - World Footbag Association (WFA) formed in Golden, Colorado.
*  1994 - International Footbag Players' Association (IFPA) serves as the intl governing body. *  *  2000 - International Footbag Committee (IFC) formed to sanction the rules.
*  Wham-O markets Hacky Sack as a soccer training aid.

Fun Facts about Slip ’N Slide:

* Robert Carrier invented Slip 'N Slide and called it Aquatic Play Equipment.
* 1961: Wham-O introduces Slip ‘N Slide.
*  9 million Slip 'N Slide sold by Wham-O 1961-1992.
* 1999: Slip ‘N Slide inducted into the National Hall of Fame.
*  By 2018: Wham-O has over 30 water slides, some with inflatable features, pools, and water splashes, including Super Slip 'n Slide, Slip 'n Splash, White Water Rapids, Fast Track Racers, Wet Banana, Slip 'n Slide Splash Tunnel Pirate Ship.
*  Other Wham-O water hose toys include Aqua Jet and Water Wiggle.

Fun Facts about Boogie Board:

*  1971: Morey Boogie Board introduced by Tom Morey.
*  1978: Kransco buys rights to Morey Boogie Board.
*  2002: Wham-O buys BZ surf brands from Earth & Ocean Sports.

Fun Facts about Trac-Ball:

*  1975 - Wham-O introduces Trac-Ball, which features a racquet that acts as both a basket to catch the ball and a curved scoop to throw it. Air action balls can bank and curve making them harder to catch.
*  By 2018 - Trac-Ball adds LEDs for night play.

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